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Why Connect A Mouse To An iPad

Apple is currently attempting to tailor iPads as a “Laptop Replacement” by allowing users to practically do anything on an iPad (in the same fashion as on their MacBooks). Therefore, it’s no surprise that mice and keyboard compatibility were introduced not that long ago. However, you are still somewhat limited and will have to touch your screen at times; yet, for the most part, navigating a curse on your iPad is proving to be convenient.

How To Connect Your Mouse to Your iPad

First, go to your settings on your iPad (or swipe down and search for settings on your home page).

Next, go to your Bluetooth settings:

Ensure your mouse is in pairing mode. For this example, we used the Logitech MX Master 2s. (Note: Usually, there’s a pairing button on the bottom of the mouse that you hold, which lights will flash to indicate it’s in pair mode.)

Finally, tap the applicable mouse device and it should connect automatically. For Magic mice and trackpads, Apple will showcase a code, which you’ll have to enter. That’s it! now enjoy your hybrid tablet / laptop-like iPad.

Note: if you want to see how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to an iPad, check out this post.